GBR Hemoconcentrator Reference Center

The Global Blood Resources Hemobag® and Tubing Set connect with any commercially available Hemoconcentrator. The listing below of all U.S. commercially available Hemoconcentrators is provided as a tool for current and prospective Hemobag® users. For complete details click the Manufacturer/Product Link (pdf)


Model Size (M2) Blood Path Volume (mL) Comments Product / Manufacturer
Medtronic distributes the Minntech Hemoconcentrator Line
Minntech HPH Mini 0.07 14 Minntech
Minntech HPH Junior 0.09 8 Minntech
Minntech HPH 400 0.3 34 Minntech
Minntech HPH 700 0.71 56 Minntech
Minntech HPH 1000 1.1 84 Minntech
Minntech HPH 1400 1.3 100 Minntech
Minntech HPH 1400 IUS 1.3 100 The only Minntech filter designed specifically for use with the Hemobag® Minntech
LivaNova DHFO.2 0.25 30 LivaNova Group
LivaNova DHFO.6 0.68 60 LivaNova Group
LivaNova SH 14 1.4 80 LivaNova Group
LivaNova distributes the Minntech HPH Mini and HPH Junior
Terumo HC05 0.5 35 Terumo also distributes the Minntech Hemoconcentrator line Minntech
Terumo HC11L 1.1 70 Luer Fitting (Large Bore) Terumo
Terumo HC11S 1.1 70 Tubing Slip Fitting Terumo


The Hemobag®

The quickest, easiest, most efficient and risk free way to salvage
precious autologous whole blood in cardiac surgery