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Presently, the only whole blood ultrafiltration device in clinical use is the Hemobag

Presently, the only whole blood ultrafiltration device in clinical use is the Hemobag®

What is an autologous transfusion?

Autologous transfusions are those in which patients receive their own blood. Several types of autologous donations-transfusions exist:

  • Predeposit donation in which patients with a high likelihood of requiring transfusion donate their own blood for later transfusion during surgery
  • Perioperative normovolemic hemodilution (withdrawal of blood immediately before surgery, with volume replacement by crystalloid solutions and subsequent re-infusion of removed blood). Also see
  • Intraoperative blood salvage
  • Postoperative blood salvage
How does autologous blood salvage work during surgery?

Blood salvage is used in surgeries for patients without cancer in which a large amount of blood loss is anticipated. The patient's own blood is collected, the blood may be washed or processed according to the particular procedure used, and returned to the patient. The washing method only returns red blood cells. The Hemobag® is a type of autologous blood salvage that has the advantage of returning concentrated whole blood with the red blood cells as well as platelets, clotting factors and plasma proteins still present.

If I require blood, what options do I have?

For information about options for patients requiring blood, see


Can the Hemobag® be used with Jehovah Witness patients?

The Hemobag®

The quickest, easiest, most efficient and risk free way to salvage
precious autologous whole blood in cardiac surgery