Hemobag® Case Report #1

This is a case report of an over 80 year old female undergoing aortic valve replacement (AVR). Post-operative bleeding was 300mL and the patient left the ICU on post-op Day #1 with No blood  products given.


We reinfused 900mLs from the Hemobag® of Concentrated Autologous Whole Blood salvaged from the CPB circuit. The Hemobag concentrated whole blood had the following parameters (SI units in brackets):


  • Hct: 57% (0.57)
  • Platelets: 364 x 103/mm3 (364 x 109/L)
  • Fibrinogen: 740 mg/dL (7.4 g/L)
  • Albumin: 6.6 g/dL (66 g/L)
  • Total protein: 11.7g/dL (117 g/L)


This case represents a new fibrinogen record for the Hemobag® and it was done in 12 minutes (while still keeping the extracorporeal circuit primed and ready to go back on, if required, at all times).


The graphs below show the changes in blood and protein parameters* between the patient's blood sample drawn from the patient at aortic decanulation, and the autologous whole blood before being re-infused drawn from the Hemobag®:

Protein graph for a case study on the Hemobag®



Blood Parameters graph for a case study on the Hemobag®


*conventional units shown


The Hemobag®

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