Hemobag® Capabilities

"The Hemobag is able to avoid those precarious 1 & 2 unit blood product transfusions and extend the transfusion trigger" -Bill Shely MD, Cardiac Surgeon





Superior autologous whole blood end product compared to cell washed RBC volume!



Simplified Clinical Process

Easy and efficient to use with proven results and outcomes.



Economic Benefit

Reduction in blood component use results in reduced costs for everyone involved.




The Hemobag®

Global Blood Resources

Global Blood Resources is a cardiovascular surgery product and technology company focused on optimizing a patient’s coagulation and hematologic profile by maximizing the use of Ultrafiltration technology with its Hemobag® and TS3 tubing set products.


The Hemobag® concept and technology are a complete and reproducible process of managing the patient’s own blood in the cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) circuit both during and after CPB use. After the termination of CPB not only are the patient’s red blood cells concentrated, but equally as important and generally not attainable in other currently available technologies, is that the patient’s plasma components are both saved and concentrated. These components include platelets, clotting factors and plasma proteins essential to the stability, coagulation and homeostasis of the surgical patient, at the right time while keeping the ECC still primed to emergently go back on.


The results of using this concept and technology are immediate dramatic improvements in post CPB coagulation profile and CBC tests, with solid evidence-based medical benefits, as well as economic benefits (cost savings) to the patient, hospital and healthcare system.

You can't start saving Blood... Until you Actually Start Saving Blood!







The Hemobag® is able to avoid those precarious 1 & 2 unit blood product transfusions and extend the transfusion trigger.

“The Hemobag® is able to avoid those precarious 1 & 2 unit unnecessary blood product transfusions by saving all the autologous Platelets, Clotting Factors and Plasma Proteins ”


The Hemobag®

The quickest, easiest, most efficient and risk free way to salvage
precious autologous whole blood in cardiac surgery