Benefits of the Hemobag



The Hemobag® method of recapturing the patient's own whole blood from any extracorporeal circuit by flushing forward with crystalloid volume replacement is an extremely effective means of reclaiming the blood from the circuit into the Hemobag®, especially if you clear ancillary lines back to the reservoir before you begin. (i.e., CP lines and Manifold for Sampling).


The method used with the Hemobag® and its Tubing Set can be performed in half the time it takes with traditional methods with the same amount of blood. From filling, to hemoconcentrating, to infusing, the same Hemobag® is used in a quick and easy method saving precious time and ultimately reducing O.R. costs.


The integrity of the circuit is maintained by remaining primed, bubble-free and uncompromised, ready to reinstitute bypass at any time.

Easy to Use

3 easy steps - once you learn how to fill it and hemoconcentrate it, you'll be ready to infuse it, because you are done.

Reduced complications

Patients receive their own whole blood with none of the risks of allogeneic transfusions or those of salvaged blood syndrome.

Cost effective

The costs of a hemoconcentrator and The Hemobag® are far less than that of traditional autotransfusion devices and disposables. Avoiding blood bank costs are also significant. Using the Hemobag® will save money, especially if you already use a hemoconcentrator on your cases. The New Tubing Set lets you get double the use of a hemoconcentrator, both during the case, conventionally, and at the end of the case with the Hemobag®.

Reduced Patient Fears

Patients religious and psychological concerns are eased when they are reassured that autologous blood efforts are at work for them, reducing fears about being transfused with allogeneic blood.

Limited personnel

No complications of current hemoconcentrating techniques in which more than one person is involved in transfusing and regulating flows and pressures to and from the patient.


Whole Blood Readily Available

Anesthesia can pull volume off the Hemobag® while it is being hemoconcentrated, if required, or the volume can be returned to the pump in an emergency.


No Contraindications

There are no known contraindications for use of the Hemobag® and TS3 Tubing Set, which allow for ultrafiltration both during the case and at the end of the case in recovering the patient's Autologous Whole Blood for infusion.

Improved Outcomes

  • The process of hemoconcentrating blood has been shown to remove inflammatory mediators such as C3A and C5A, TNFa, IL6, and IL8, while simultaneously concentrating the blood to a hyperoncotic unit of whole blood that will improve pulmonary functions by lowering the PVR
  • increase patient hemodynamics by reversing the negative crystalloid volume kinetics of organ edema and improve organ function
  • increase hemostasis by concentrating hematocrit, clotting factors, and functional platelets

The Hemobag®

The quickest, easiest, most efficient and risk free way to salvage
precious autologous whole blood in cardiac surgery