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Global Blood Resources is pleased to present this website for health professionals. Our products The Hemobag® and TS3 Tubing Set, which have been cleared for clinical use by the FDA and have CE marking and Canadian registration, are a new way to help conserve autologous whole blood and increase the safety of blood infusion. Blood is one of the most precious substances on the planet and we want to help you conserve it for your patients.


The Hemobag® is the only autotransfusion product on the market salvaging and concentrating all autologous whole blood fractions and constituents for CardioThoracic and Vascular Surgery, helping to avoid unnecessary allogeneic blood product use.


This technique offers perfusionists a new role in optimizing hemostasis and homeostasis hours after the termination of surgery. Saving More Blood, Reducing Costs, and Improving Patient Outcomes!


Watch a testimonial video explaining why the Hemobag is important: The Hemobag and Patient Blood Management (SABM).

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Flyer about the blood components that are wasted with conventional blood washers

With The Hemobag® patients receive their own concentrated Whole Blood or concentrated hyperoncotic blood quickly without the time delay experienced with other techniques or technologies.


Patients also benefit because its their own plasma and its constituents (plasma proteins, clotting factors and platelets)  included in the salvaged Whole Blood.

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The Hemobag®

The quickest, easiest, most efficient and risk free way to salvage
precious autologous whole blood in cardiac surgery