• Stability
  • Cost Savings
  • Quality

Why use it?

The Hemobag® end product is proven through extensive laboratory testing to be the most complete blood product possible utilizing all of the patient's own blood, and returning it quickly to the patient at the conclusion of heart surgery. All other FDA approved products used for processing blood from the heart/lung machine, at the conclusion of surgery, are designed to salvage and process only certain components of the blood i.e. Red Blood Cells (RBC's), leaving the remaining blood component volume (Plasma and Platelets) as waste.


Red cell mass, Platelets and Plasma proteins necessary for normalization of the coagulation process and patient stability are not only salvaged and processed by the Hemobag®, they are concentrated. The result of providing such a complete whole blood product is a faster return to normal coagulation, Homeostasis and a reduction in the use of allogeneic transfusion exposure(donor blood).


The Hemobag® helps reduce or eliminate allogeneic blood component exposure which is not only a significant clinical advantage, but Hospital Value Analysis has demonstrated a significant impact on the reduced cost of blood components due to the Hemobag® use.


Clinicians use the Hemobag® because:

  • It has consistent reproducible results
  • The technology is time tested in cardiac surgery globally
  • The end product is more complete, and has greater patient advantages than cell washing where only RBC's are salvaged
  • It reduces allogeneic exposures
  • It is easy to use
  • It reduces costs
Whole Blood


Red cell mass, Functional Platelets, Fibrinogen and other Plasma proteins are not only salvaged and processed by the Hemobag®, but they are concentrated and returned Quickly and Easily to the Patient.


The Hemobag®

The quickest, easiest, most efficient and risk free way to salvage
precious autologous whole blood in cardiac surgery