Hemobag® Case Report #3

This ia a case report of a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) x 4 case on a 66 year-old diabetic male, post-operative CT=380 mL. The Hemobag® autologous whole blood infusion of 1200 mL was returned from the CPB circuit in 10 minutes with no allogeneic blood products given, and the patient left ICU on post-op Day #1.


The results were as follows for the Hemobag® autologous whole blood infusion end product (SI units in brackets):


  • Platelet count: 260 x 103/mm3 (260 x 109/L)
  • Fibrinogen: 528 mg/dL (5.28 g/L)
  • Hct: 51% (0.51)
  • Total Protein: 9.5 g/dL (95 g/L)
  • Albumin: 5.2 g/dL (52 g/L)


The graphs to the right show some of the changes in blood and protein parameters* between the patient's blood sample drawn from the patient during surgery prior to receiving autologous blood, and the autologous whole blood drawn from the Hemobag® before being re-infused:

Protein graph for a case study on the Hemobag®



Blood Parameters graph for a case study on the Hemobag®


*conventional units shown


The Hemobag®

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